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I’ll be honest I was a little nervous about the pictures because I am not the most photogenic with candid shots! This is how we announced to our family and friends that we were pregnant and expecting a sweet little girl, so I was very anxious for it to be perfect. Tyler was so patient and accommodating! We walked almost a mile though the park to find the perfect spot (I kept thinking it was right around the corner, but the corner was a lot further than I remembered!) It was not the warmest day so we kept trudging with cold runny noses until we got to our destination. I kept apologizing and Tyler was amazing at making me not feel so guilty and assured me that he wanted these pictures to be exactly what we envisioned. He got so many great shots I was so impressed (again I don’t always make the cutest faces when not paying attention). He was able to edit them and return them to us quickly so we could share the happy news with our loved ones. I am so thankful for Tyler and the amazing work he did! I can’t wait to use him for some baby bump photos and photos of our lovely little girl when she arrives. 

~Zach & Jami Griffith

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